“Cloud Based Virtual Computer Lab for Digital Education Across Disciplines”

The Cloudlab project is providing access to computing resources for educational purposes at Kiel University and is operated by Kiel University’s Computing Centre. The project builds on top of the expertise generated during the WebLab project and started in October 2021. During the past year, the Cloudlab infrastructure has evolved from several isolated JupyterHub systems towards a single JupyterHub cluster solution that can host many users and their diverse software and compute resource requirements simultaneously and in a flexible way.

The goal of the Cloudlab project is to build a platform that is well-integrated into existing organizational structures at Kiel University and to provide a performant teaching environment that is easy to use and manage. Therefore, if you are involved in computational teaching at Kiel University, don’t hesitate to contact us with a brief statement about your requirements!

Currently, these courses at Kiel University are supported by Cloudlab,

During summer term 2022 the platform was used by,

During winter term 2021/22 these courses were supported by Cloudlab,

Last page update: January 23rd, 2023